I teach at at a Jewish school. One of the conditions placed on the secular studies teachers is that we not discuss religious matters with our students. Outside of a simple question of curiosity or explanation (e.g., “What do you do during Sukkos?” or “What do you celebrate at Pentecost?”), any religous conversation is to be avoided.One of my more intrepid students has discovered this ‘blog and has told other students about it. This makes me nervous, as much of the content of this site is religious and none of it was inteded for my students. This site and its content is not intended to prosyletize or otherwise inform my students. I have not made this site’s existence known to my students, and would prefer they not know of it.

I request my students not visit this ‘blog, since the school administration would forbid you from reading it. If you are my student, don’t visit here again.

One student asked if I had a blog for students. I do: Take Copious Notes. That ‘blog is not updated as frequently as this one, but everything there is intened for you, my students.


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