An Hour a Day: Towards a Rule of Life

5 May 2009

If you read my draft rule published yesterday, you might have noticed that in this rule I set out the goal for myself of doing a certain number of things for a certain number of hours per week.

Part of the motivation behind writing a rule of life is discipline.  It’s much easier to spend an hour three days a week studying German or writing poetry or exercsing than to keep trying to remind myself of these things every day of the week and seeing if I have time for any of them.

For example, I’ve decided that I want to take up reading Greek for the first time in about seven years.  So this morning was the beginning of my second week spending an hour three days a week reading Greek.  Because I know that I have an hour or so in the morning before the Little Guy wakes up, it’s a perfect opportunity to read Greek.  And so I did.  I can read a chapter of New Testament Greek in about an hour.  Great.

One of the challenges of the last year or so was that the computer, which I only got last year, became a distraction.  My computer bit the dust a year before and I was quite happy to be computer-less, with the one computer that was mine being utterly non-portable (a battery-less laptop) and internet free.

But now I have an Internet-capable laptop.  And I have a busy life, in general, so it just became harder and harder to find time during the week to do things like submit poetry for publication or just write poetry at all.

Just sitting down and saying, “I’m going to do this thing for an hour,” whatever it is can be amaingly effective.

At least for me.

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