New Year’s Resolution

5 January 2009

So, our family has a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions (ten, to be precise), and I don’t think I’m going to publish those, but I am going to publish mine.

A week or two ago, I mad e the resolution public to write a ‘blog post at least once a week.  So, there’s one resolution.

This year’s resolutions fall under the general rubric of “A Return to Manliness.”  When I mentioned this to Beth, she added, “Don’t you mean gentlemanliness?”  And I responded that was what I intended, but that the theme was inspired by The Art of Manliness, which implies that a man who is not a gentleman is less of a man.

Here are the others:

Renew a personal commitment to tidiness and organization.

To some extent, this is an outgrowth of an Advent resolution.  I didn’t clean my closet until after the New Year, but I did do it.  And the desk needs more attention now.  But ultimately I want to be more mindful and active in terms of getting this organized and keeping them that way.

Write at least one letter a month to a friend who lives far away.

Last year, with my entrance into Facebook world, I have been able to reconnect, at least electronically, with many, many friends.  I hope to take this a step further by writing to people more often.

Learn and practice a practical skill each quarter.

I am unfortunately unpractical.  There are many things —practical things— that I cannot do or can only do badly.  Time to change all that.  I’ll take suggestions about what to take on first.  I’m thinking shoe shining and care.
Always know what this coming Saturday’s Live from the Met opera will be, and listen to some of it.

Easy and fun.  This Saturday’s is Puccini’s La Rodine.

Read three books a quarter, at least one novel, one book of poetry, one book of nonfiction.

I’m currently reading The Life You Save May Be Your Own by Paul Elie.
Learn a new solution to the Rubik’s cube.

This will likely be my most difficult, if not the most challenging, of the resolutions.  I know the standard, “beginner’s” solution, but for the more sophisticated solutions, I need to really learn the cube.

Speak Spanish to the Little Guy on Saturdays.

I am going to get something to put on my hands (one of those blue “Go Cubs” rubber band things) to wear on Saturdays or any other day when I am supposed to speak Spanish.  The problem is that I often forget to start or forget to continue on Saturdays, so that this past Saturday I only remembered to begin speaking Spanish with the Little Guy around four or five, when we were hanging out with a bunch of friends, so not much speaking of Spanish happened then.

Write Thank You Notes.

I began this during December, writing some notes to professors who had met with me at Loyola and to some folks who had sent the Little Guy gifts.  I think that I’ll try to keep a tally of notes to be written, and then try to do it during the first week of a given month.

So there they are.  On the first of February and subsequent months, I’ll post a review of these.  And all of you: KEEP ME HONEST!


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