A Delightful Christmas Post

24 December 2008

Happy Christmas « Colwich Novitiate

I really enjoy reading St. Marie Therese’s posts; here is one for today.

I hope to ‘blog more in the New Year, now that my various and sundry applications are put to bed.

Blessed Christmas All!

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One Response to “A Delightful Christmas Post”

  1. Mary Eleanor Hill Says:

    Dear Sr. Marie Therese, A blessed and joy filled celebration of the Incarnation. I usually attend an Anglican monastery in the US for Christmas – I am in Canada, Toronto. It is a wonderful experience knowing that Jesus is the focus of all the events and preparation. This year I am interviewing for a job so I have to stay home and write a lecture on Cranmer and the Book of Common Prayer, 1549. I teach liturgical theology and the Oxford Movement at an Anglican theological college. I am a cradle Anglican myself with a deep love, respect and admiration for the life of Benedictine nuns.
    Good bless and love you!!!

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