Six Kreativ/Random Things

19 November 2008

When I was tagged an age ago by Justin, I didn’t realize what he meant.   Now I do.  Here goes.

  1. I can solve the Rubik’s cube (the traditional 3x3x3 cube) in about two or three minutes.
  2. I love flags, and I can identify most national flags, or at least get close (i.e., say “That one’s either ______ or _____.”)
  3. Recently, I crave quiet and silence.  I used to hate being alone or being quiet, but now I frequently desire it.
  4. I seem to get my clothes snagged on things (doors, doorknobs, cabinet handles) more easily than most people.
  5. I have no middle name.
  6. I love marmite.

Whoever wishes may consider themselves tagged.


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