The Papa Log, Part I

30 September 2008

Not to plagiarize Cliff, but I feel as if I have a bit of my own “Fatherhood Chronicles” material fomenting.  As some of you know, I am flying solo with the Little Guy for the next month.  Beth is off at a residency writing, so I’m taking care of the Little Guy in the interim.  There are sitters and my mom is coming up for a while, but much of his care right now is done by me only.

So far, the vast amounts of patience required really stick out to me.  Normally, I feel it, but since Beth is usually able to lend a hand in moments of frustration or doubt, it’s not as present.

Patience can be a real struggle with a preschooler.


One Response to “The Papa Log, Part I”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You can do it! You are a rock star poppa.

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