Ember Day Reflection: A Miscellany

20 September 2008

Anger is mostly useless in and of itself.  Good things are things we want more of and never regret having more of: love, laughter, leisure.  Do we ever say to ourselves, “I wish I had been angrier” or “I wish I had been angry longer.”


I feel very Carmelite these days.  Quiet.  Useful.  Turning inward.  It must be fall.


Fridays I have been tidying up the house and cleaning while the Little Guy is at school.  I do not think I am particularly good at cleaning, but hopefully this rhythm and practice will help me get better.  Nothing exists in which anyperson is completely incorrigible.


Do we ever get three hours of work done in one and a half?  Do we ever get three hours of work done in two and a half?  No, we really don’t.  When I stepped back and realized this, it seemed silly to ever think that by moving faster I can get more done.  “Visteme despacio que estoy de prisa,” my grandmother used to say: “Dress me slowly because I need to make haste.”

No matter how fast we rush, whatever we do still takes the same amount of time to do, no matter how much we want to think we can do things faster.

Sometimes we can multitask: right now I’m doing three things, (laundry, letting tea steep, and writing) but I can only truly focus on one.  Sometimes by thinking things through we can do things in a more efficient order, thereby saving time, but we never really do things any faster than the time they actually take.

And if we do, then we usually haven’t really done them.  Instead, we’ve half-assed them.


One Response to “Ember Day Reflection: A Miscellany”

  1. Beth W Says:

    There’s so much wisdom in here, Jorge. Much to take to heart. X, B

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