Ember Day Reflection: Morning Sabbatical

19 September 2008

Today is the second fall ember day; Wednesday was the first.

The ember days are traditionally times of discernment; we should all take time regularly to discern what’s going on and what we ought to do.

Beth got up super early today, so I got up with her.  I prayed after she left and then hopped back in bed, since the Little Guy was still asleep.

It was wonderful!  I didn’t fall back asleep, but I was able to bask in a wonderful sabbatical feeling.  I did what I needed to do (pray, use the bathroom, have a cup of coffee, talk to Beth), and then I received this great gift of forty minutes in bed in a quiet house.

One thing that I’ve discerned these ember day is my calling towards a more all-encompassing thanksgiving for all things, making eucharist (Greek: thanksgiving) and not just Eucharist.  Instead of going to church for Eucharist on Sundays and trying to go during the week, I can also make eucharist over non-liturgy, even non-food!

As the light streamed in through the window, I was heartily thankful that the boy slept, that the bed was warm, that the light was beautiful, and that it was Friday!


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