From Merton’s The Ascent to Truth

23 August 2008

The only thing that can save the world from complete moral collapse is a spiritual revolution.  Christianity, by its very nature, demands such a revolution.  If Chrstians would all live up to what they profess to belive, the revolution would happen.  The desire for unworldliness, detachment, and union with God is the most fundamental expression of this revolutionary spirit.  The one that remains for Christians to affirm their Christianity by that full and unequivocal rejection of the world which their Baptismal vocation demands of them.  This will certainly not incapacitate them for social action in the world, since it is the one essential condition for a really fruitful Christian apostolate.

When I informed a friend about my sense of a vocation to ordained ministry, she said she was happy for me with the caveat that I not lose my love for all religions.

I think it is fair to say I have not, but I have focused more on what responsibility Christians have within the spiritual and religious aspect of the world.

And the quote above states what I think that revolution is.  Notice that Merton does not say, “All must becomes Christians” or that the revolution would cause the conversion of the whole world.

Merton says that there must be a spiritual revolution, and there must.  And for Christians’ part, that revolution must happen as a renunciation of the World and an embrace of the Truth, which is a humble life of witness.


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