Facebook, A Few Weeks On

22 August 2008

As I wrote here, I took the Facebook plunge, after much trepidation and interior snarkiness.

It is a truly wonderful resource for someone as staying-in-touch challenged as I am.

So far, I’ve reconnected with a few dozen people and wished people happy birthdays, something I’m woefully bad at.


2 Responses to “Facebook, A Few Weeks On”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Darn it, Jorge! I am trying so hard not to succumb to this, as I have already been sucked in by the Friendster’s and MySpace’s of the world. Your admitted acceptance of Facebook may just tip me over the edge. I said MAY.

  2. See, I was never sucked into those, because of that fear; I think I may have had a Friendster account, but I don’t think I ever used it.

    That said, I was also tired of always thinking, “Hey, whatever happened to . . . ” and feeling awkward and out of touch when seeing someone I don’t see often.

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