Mickey Ears

14 August 2008

The Little Guy now has Mickey Ears.

Over the last week and a half, we have been in Florida.  Those ‘blog posts of the last week have all been scheduled; I had a fit of ‘blog fruitfulness in the week before we left, and I decided to stagger the completed posts to have a nice stream of bloggetry.

During that sojourn in Florida, my parents took the Little Guy to Walt Disney World while Beth and I went off on our own vacation getaway.

While I appreciate being able to take time alone with my wife, I look at pictures my folks took at Walt Disney World and marvel at the lack of cynicism in it all.  I went to Disney World as a kid, but probably haven’t been in fifteen years.

His Mickey Ears are delightfully amusing and charming.  The Little Guy wears them because he thinks they are so cool.  And the pictures of him at the park, riding rides, meeting the Very Mouse Himself show a portrait of absolutely authentic enthusiasm that an adult rarely sees.  Being a teacher of teenagers and young adults, I am familiar with a certain jadedness inherent to those ages.

I wonder how long this will stick with the Little Guy.  Several years, hopefully, and it that’s true, then thank God.  Authentic, genuine enthusiasm is a beautiful thing.

One Response to “Mickey Ears”

  1. Kelly Says:

    What an angel. I can’t wait to see the photos!

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