The Little Guy Impresses

13 August 2008

Part of our evening ritual is thanking God for things, asking God for things, and then praying the Our Father.

Sometimes he doesn’t want to pray the Our Father, but that’s pretty rare. We usually say it together, I prompting him every few words.

Tonight, he thanked God for everything that happened today and for our trip to Miami. Then, as usual, he asked God for puppies and to see Abu and Pops, his grandparents.

Then, when I asked him if he wanted to pray he Our Father, he said no. I replied that this was fine, and told him I’d sit with him fo a few minutes.

A few seconds later, he began to pray the Our Father and unreeled the whole thing, with one or two hiccups.

I asked him if he said no so that he could show me he can pray it by himself. He said yes. I told him I was impressed.

And I was. It’s a pretty basic impulse, looking for and desiring approval.


One Response to “The Little Guy Impresses”

  1. celticwander Says:

    your little guy rocks!

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