A Conversation with God

7 August 2008

On God’s Providence « This Is Life!: Revolutions Around the Cruciform Axis

I don’t have visions. I’ve never had visions. I know some people who’ve had them, but not I. Thank God.

I’m not sure I could handle seeing things or hearing things that were clearly of divine origin. I can handle the divine as manifested in things, but a face-to-facer with the Big One. No thanks.

Last week, however, I did have a brief conversation with God. I did not hear anything, but I did think something. And it was a simple question from God.

Why are you afraid, I was asked.

Well, I am afraid that things won’t work out: there won’t be enough to help us through tough times, or something bad will happen.

Don’t you know I will always take care of you, was the follow-up.

Yes, I do, but I think the root of my fear is the idea that perhaps I, Jorge, will get in the way. That something I do will prevent that care from happening, that it will short circuit Providence.

At that point, I felt foolish.

Good thing you haven’t been right so far, was the reply.


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