Spiritual Direction Debrief: A Week On

1 August 2008

Last week, I met with my Spiritual Director, and it was a good meeting.

The theme was “integration”: things, in general, feel very nicely integrated right now. Everything seems of a piece with everything else.

He complimented me on achieving and recognizing this integration. The SD uses and refers to a triangular diagram, where the points are labeled “physical,” “mental/emotional,” and “soul.” Most people are weighted either toward one of the points (that is, they have a tendency toward expression and focus on these areas of “personhood”) or between two. He suggested I might be a person who is weighted in the middle, in a integrated way.

We also talked about some personal issues which I’ll not go into on the ‘blog, but it was a good discussion.

Also, we concluded that in a paradigmatic way, my vocation might involve a gospel of integration, so to speak. A long time ago, when I first started writing seriously, I was asked why I wrote poetry.

I replied that I wrote because there was so much joy in the world and so little of it in poetry much of the time. When I teach, I don’t teach a party line, but instead try to help the students know what I know, understand what I understand, all while admitting what I don’t know and where variant readings/opinions exist.

These are integrationist approaches. Perhaps that’s one way of thinking about how I do what I do: preaching a gospel of intergration.


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