A BCP Class

23 July 2008

Derek, being the sagely ‘blogger he is, suggested earlier that we Anglicans must rediscover and teach the Book of Common Prayer.

This coming fall, the Little Guy will be starting Sunday School, which will leave me with an extra hour at church each Sunday.  A blessed thing indeed, but part of me wants to do something that will get the church thinking in ways it doesn’t always.

All Saints is a great blessing to me, and I to it.  The church and most of its members think and act in ways I don’t (or at least don’t usually), and vice versa.

Our church uses the same photocopied bulletin-y worship order throughout a season; while it makes for a convenient, easy-to-follow worship service for all, the consequence is that I’ve never actually opened a Book of Common Prayer in the sanctuary.

I’ve used the BCP in confession, but that’s it.

I’m considering taking up Derek’s suggestion and teaching a class on the BCP while the Little Guy does Sunday school.

I’m not sure if anyone has curricula out there for a weekly, one-hour BCP class, but if anyone knows of a resource, I’d love to see it.  Also, I wonder if it might not be better to look into a reading group that will look at a book on the BCP first, and then tackle the BCP.

Any thoughts?


5 Responses to “A BCP Class”

  1. Scott Says:

    There’s the book our bishop wrote, Opening the Prayer Book, by Jeffrey Lee.

  2. I’d definitely thought about that one.

    I wonder if it would seem redundant to read such a book and then look at the prayer book closely on our own?

  3. Dave Hedges Says:

    Hey Jorge. Tripp sent me over here. Check these out:

    Leonel Mitchell, Praying Shapes Believing: A Theological Commentary on the Book of Common Prayer

    Marion Hatchett, Commentary on the American Prayer Book

    William Sydnor, The Prayer Book through the Ages

    These are all good books. Hatchett is a thick and technical tome, the others are good starting points.

  4. Thanks, Dave. Those should be helpful.

  5. Judy Says:

    I’m Episcopalean and would personally love a teaching on the BCP. I use the one at church (the readings are in the bulletin, but not everything else). And, while it would be handy for visitors to have everything written out, I think more of us need to know what the BCP actually consists of… how it came to be.. the importance of it, and how it can be used in our daily lives and daily devotionals.

    Sorry to be so long-winded 🙂 I just dropped in because of a search for “winged man” since I’m starting a new story with one as a main character. I’m glad I did, though… I’ll be bookmarking your site.

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