Cleaning Up Cat Crap

22 July 2008

Last weekend, we had a wonderful camping trip. Although not perfect, it was a delightful time.

When we got home, we had a bit of a cat health scare. Beatrice, our elder cat, had apparently hacked up a lot, puked, and had some trouble hitting the litter box with some rather loose kitty stool.

As I cleaned it up, I had a conversation with myself. I wasn’t that grossed out by it, although I know most people would be. Why, I asked myself, am I not grossed out?

(Fr. William of St. Gregory’s admitted to us on St. Benedict’s day two weeks ago that when he has imaginary conversations, they are with Mother Seton.)

Well, I answered, someone has done the same for me. Someday, someone will probably do the same for me again. I hope not to be a burden, but that is a good thing. That allows me to be Christ to those who I burden. I welcome burdens, because that allows me to be Christ to those who need me.

What’s the difference between cat poop and human poop? Not much.


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