Now *This* is What I am Talking About

5 July 2008

Ruth Gledhill – Times Online – WBLG: Summer of Schism: Archbishop calls for rethink on gays (via Huw)

Huw’s praise for the Archbishop is right on: the rethinking of same-sex partnerships within the Christian context cannot (can I add more emphasis?) simply rest on nor be argued by claims that “the Spirit is doing something new” or “it’s a human rights issue” both of which I do believe.

The latter is a political/governmental claim; a government is required to recognize and defend human rights, but that is not a relevant argument for the Church. This is a human rights issue, but that’s not as valid an argument within the context of Church teaching as the Law, Will, and Word of God are.

Do not misunderstand me: part of the Church’s prophetic mission is to stand up for human rights (consider the advocacy of the Episcopal Church’s bishops on a variety of issues, and similar advocacy on many of the same issues by non-American bishops (Tutu comes to mind) as well as the last three Popes), but as an argument about the Church or within the Church, it simply does not hold water. Rights, in this sense, are statist ideas. The Church is not about the state, it is about the Kingdom of God.

We need more writing on the liberal side of things like what the Archbishop is trying to do: honest, rigorous, and faithful.


One Response to “Now *This* is What I am Talking About”

  1. Good point! Get the state out of it and let Catholics and non agree to disagree on the Kingdom of God.

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