Tomorrow’s Reception

20 June 2008

So, tomorrow is a red-letter day, as some might say.

Tomorrow I will be received into the Episcopal Church.  An odd thing, really, since I have been a member of a church (the ELCA) in full communion with the Episcopal Church for almost three years.  Despite the whole full communion thing, I still need a bishop to put his hands on my head and receive me.

It is the feast of Aloyisius Gonzaga.


5 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Reception”

  1. Scott Says:

    Awesome, Jorge! Advance congrats to you! Let me know whether he actually puts hands on head or simply takes your hand. Just interesting, that’s all: +Michigan took my hand and received me in 1986; I understood this difference was to make clear I wasn’t in need of confirmation and wasn’t being re-confirmed. Not that hands-on-head must mean confirmation. And it couldn’t hurt, right? 🙂 As the bishop will basically say, welcome to this part of the Church you’re already in.

  2. I figure that might happen. People so rarely touch each others’ heads these days; it’d be welcome.

  3. I’d forgotten you weren’t officially a member yet.

    My first church taught me what a Christian gentleman is, something I’ve tried to take with me all these years, with varying success — a reason why I still read Coverdale’s psalms. (And for some years have been a happy part-timer at one of TEC’s last Tridentine Anglo-Catholic parishes.)

    Like with another online friend, Huw, who has become an Episcopalian again, may God be with you and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  4. I did not know! Dave Hedges texted me. Very cool, Jorge. Well met, sir.

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