The Gym Meany, or People Do Change

19 June 2008

I have had two unpleasant run-ins with one of the gym attendants where I work out.  The gym is located in a public park, so the attendants deal with a good amount of guff and unpleasantness, thus a certain amount of attitude is understandable.

The unpleasant exchanges have generally been due to some forgetfulness on my part (e.g., me forgetting my id), which she seemed to take as personal affronts.  Both times she reacted in ways that made it seem as if I was personally offending, disprespecting, or otherwise giving her grief.  I apologized each time, but she’d give me the cold shoulder when I’d come in.

After the second exchange, I decided I’d make sure to say hello to her and be friendly.

Months pass: I am friendly towards her, with her feebly reciprocating my greetings.  Nothing seemed to change.

Today I had two exchanges with her: first, she complemented me on my new hair-do (or un-hair-do; I’ve shaved my head), and second we ran into each other outside the bathroom.

She was pleasant and friendly, and I was shocked.  Months of the cold shoulder, and now, we’re all chummy.

I don’t know why things changed today, but they did.  People change.  Hold out hope.


One Response to “The Gym Meany, or People Do Change”

  1. Chris H. Says:

    Hey, it just goes to show the power of loving-kidness or as my mom said, “Kill ’em with kindness.” Of course, that one always bothered me. Sounds pretty insidious, but I’m sure the intention was in the right place.

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