Reflecting and Remembering Climacus

18 June 2008

. . . or at least I remember it was Climacus.

In the Ladder of Divine Ascent, Climacus says that all temptations come through the stomach, that all the vices begin with overindulgence of the appetite.

So true.  Although other disruptions visited our household in the last two weeks, I got out of my rhythm,  of prayer, exercise, and diet.

I felt it: mentally dull, physically fatigued, and generally out of it.

The Fathers would call it akedia, gluttony, and sloth.

Whatever it is you call it, the essence is the same: keep your body, mind, and soul running the way it ought, and you feel great.  Leave that practice, and you begin to feel like ten pounds of dogturd ina a five-pound bag in the hot summer sun.


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