“Tomorrow’s Own Worries”: On the Edge of One’s Theology

28 May 2008

Larry has posted about his sermon.

I am challenged by this sermon in a very positive, productive way.  My understanding of the lectionary texts (specifically the Gospel) has been that Jesus is urging us toward a trust in God.  This trust, on the surface at least, may seem to be what Larry refers to as the “principle that everything will work out in the end,” but is really about becoming one with God.  This communion is the recognition and reality of being in communion/community with God and with each other.

Perhaps what I find most interesting is Larry’s admission in his post that he is on the edge of his own theology and therefore beyond the edge of the theology of most of Reconciler’s members.  I think this is true.  In many ways, I also find myself more drawn to the mystical and theological, the living in God which is quite radical and might even seem very quiet.

This may, but is not necessarily, be detached from a kind of activist Christianity.  Again, on the surface, I think it might be what seems to be an escapist form of theology, but properly understood it is not.  I think most would agree that Dorothy Day was amongst the most active Christians radicals of the 20th Century, and yet she was definitely also concerned with this kind of communion.

Christian life is a life of balance, a life of contemplation and action, although sometimes that action is obscured.  The life of the Church is one of balance, where some of us are called more to one thing than another.  We are not self-sufficient in any sense.  We cannot, alone, do what needs to be done or support ourselves.  We must desire and accomplish communion.


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