A Conversation with Bishop Jeffery Dean Lee

22 May 2008

YouTube – A Conversation with Bishop Jeffery Dean Lee

(via Tripp)

There is something charming and yet hokey about this video.

I’m glad to see that Bishop Lee is trying to incorporate the emerging church into the life of the Diocese of Chicago, but my feathers are a little ruffled that this is the conversation he wants to start and a certain church, trying to do this very thing, is not yet more fully recognized by the Diocese.


6 Responses to “A Conversation with Bishop Jeffery Dean Lee”

  1. Scott Says:

    Cool! And I agree with your comment about a certain church.

  2. Scott Says:

    As to the production values…they might want to check the spelling of the bishop’s first name, and why do church YouTube videos so often have background music that has so little to do with the content? There’s a video from a monastery that is meant to recruit potential monks, and the music is some doctor’s-office pleasantry rather than chant or even some neutral classical stuff that one might expect. Perhaps it’s all about bringing in traffic and not frightening anyone with strange music.

  3. Tripp Says:

    I think a certain church needs to remember it has advocates and ask them to step up. That being said, I felt the same way. Also, what is with the music? Scott is right. They could have chosen better.

    The Bishop is a great guy. I think he’s perfect for this kind of conversation. So, in the end, this all bodes very well and is good news.

  4. Larry Says:

    It might also be that said certain church is at best ambiguously Emergent and largely uninterested in that particular identity or marker. Though it is more then willing to engage in the conversation which also kind of sort of makes it emergent.
    It is perhaps that said church is just a little nomadic that keeps it from being seen.
    That assumes we are all talking about the same certain church. 😉

  5. Tripp Says:

    Certainly this certain church is uncertain in the moniker and is likely “nomadic.” That being said, it has been in the conversation locally…even if at a wide orbit. Perhaps this is an opportunity to remind the powers that be that this certain congregation is worth the talking to.

  6. As a lay person, it is hard to know how to do this sort of advocacy.

    While denominational recognition is secondary to CertainChurch’s primary mission of being the Body of Christ, it certainly is part of that mission.

    Perhaps I should ask CertainChurch’s pastoral team how I could participate in such advocacy.

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