Spritual Direction Pregame

21 May 2008

Spiritual direction nears.

I’ve been thinking about what we’ll talk about, and to some extent, it is an extension of what we spoke of last time.

SD has said previously that this or that “will be where your priesthood will begin.”  By this I understood to mean that in some not-so-priestly things (taking care of Hank, being a partner to Beth, being a good friend and son, etc.) I will find the real beginnings of pastoral ministry.

I agree with him; additionally, though I now do many of the things that I would be expected to do as a priest.  I preach, I’ve started a fledgling ministry at All Saints’ based on in-home hospitality (we’ve had no takers yet).

Although I had not articulated it —I had not realized it until I started thinking about spiritual direction— I realize I am more desirous now of the Eucharist, of presiding and celebrating it, as well as receiving it.

I also feel a greater need for and call to silence and prayer.  A tall order, given the hectic nature of our lives right now.  I’ve take to praying the Office very, very slowly, a breath between each line of a psalm or phrase of a prayer.  I can’t get in real, sustained silence or retreat these days, but I can get three or four mini-, ten-minute retreats a day.

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