A Fast for Burma and China

20 May 2008

The Council of the Church of Jesus Christ, Reconciler, has decided to encourage its members to fast and pray this week for Burma:

The council met this week and decided to have a week of response to the recent tragedies in Burma and China. There are two ways the council is encouraging us as a congregation to respond as a people of faith. First we will have a week for prayer and fasting. We encourage each of us to choose one day to spend in fasting and prayer for the softening of the hearts of the Military leaders of Burma who are preventing aid to come into the country and allocated to the people in need and to simply lift up in prayer all those who are suffering from such great loss in both countries. Second we are collecting means for contributing financially through Episcopal, Covenant and Baptist channels. You will be receiving information about how to make contributions through each denominations aid agencies.

Most readers of this ‘blog are not members, but I encourage you to consider some kind of fast and some act of prayer for those in need due to natural disasters recently.


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