Preaching Debrief: Trinity Sunday, Year A (18 May 2008)

19 May 2008

Now this was a sermon I could get behind!

I feel that my first sermon was an honest encounter with a troubling peace of Scripture.  Like tying up loose ends or settling a long standing doubt or conflict, it is satisfying only insofar as it satisfies, i.e., something is eliminated or dealt with, but nothing is really produced, at least not necessarily.

This sermon was different.  I was excited by what I had to say, even though I didn’t really interact with the lessons.  How could I, after all?  The Creation of Genesis, the end of 2 Coritnithians (3 verses!) and the Great Commission at the end of Matthew.

This Sunday calls for a non-homiletic sermon, really, and that’s what I feel I delivered.  People smiled as I preached, nodded their heads, and conversation was nice and lively.  One person even said that what I said confirmed what they had been sensing about God all week.  High praise!

I don’t know how long until I can do this again, but I can’t wait.

2 Responses to “Preaching Debrief: Trinity Sunday, Year A (18 May 2008)”

  1. Rich Murray Says:

    Bravo! You know when the Spirit moves you!

  2. Tripp Says:

    Nice, Jorge. And I borrowed your language about obedience. Thank you.

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