Preaching Debrief

21 April 2008

So, yesterday, I preached.

In some ways it was anti-climactic, in the sense that people kept asking me how I felt, if I was nervous (all kind and appropriate questions), but I felt fine, normal, as if I was going in to teach a class.

I was happy with the discussion and with my delivery of the sermon.

If I were more a worrier, I might be more concerned that neither before nor after did I feel stress, but I did not feel elation or great joy at doing it either.

It felt right, but unremarkable; fulfilling, yet not earth-shattering.

It reminds me of Confirmation. I was told that some people really had a powerful experience when being confirmed, but that just as many, if not more, simply did not feel a powerful change. When I sat back down in my pew after being confirmed, all I felt was that my vision was slightly, unremarkably foggy, as if a slight film were over my eyes or my glasses were very dirty.

Sometimes pivotal moments of our spiritual lives are quiet and not particularly impressive. Sometimes I need to be reminded of this.


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