Yes, There Really Is a Kalamazoo,

15 April 2008

as you all know, and as you may not, Beth and I had a little getaway this past weekend. The grandparents hopped up this way to give us a little relief, and we took off for much needed reconnecting time.

I tell you, it doesn’t take much.  For a couple who have their own careers, dreams, interests, and a child, we do pretty well at remaining connected and affectionate —”in love” in the parlance of our times— but these kinds of trips are magical.

We ate a lot of different kinds of food; nothing we couldn’t get in Chicago, but the newness of the place and the charm of the people, as well as the presence of the other, made it special.  Some surprising cuisines —tapas and sushi!— made quite the impression on us.

We made at least four visits to the Bell’s Brewery.   Beer lovers out there will know what a sublime experience a Bell’s is, and likely know that in Chicago (and all of Illinois now) it is unavailable except under some clandestine names (Kalamazoo Porter, Stout, and IPA, I think).  We smuggled a case of the blessed brew home; six of Hopslam, Old Ale, Two Hearted Ale, and Best Brown.  Mmm.

We stayed here; I heartily recommend it.  If you do mention us to Laurel and Terry.

If only we had been able to take a hike, the weekend would truly have been perfect.


2 Responses to “Yes, There Really Is a Kalamazoo,”

  1. Beth W. Says:

    “‘in love’ in the parlance of our times…” LOL! That’s so cute. XO, B

  2. Kelly Says:

    So glad you got to do this and that you had a nice time!

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