Preaching for the First Time

9 April 2008

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’m preaching for the first time by the great hospitality of the good folks of Reconciler.

It’s a nice place to inaugurate myself as a preacher: small, familiar, even cozy. These are the texts for my turn. I had a choice of three Sundays around that time, and I initially had gravitated toward the next Sunday (Easter 6), because I was intimidated by the Gospel here.

As someone with universalist leanings, I am always challenged by this particular passage. “No one comes to the Father except through Me?” sounds pretty exclusive no?

I went ahead and agreed to preach then since I figure that I should go ahead and confront this passage since I am so challenged by it.

Pray for me as I prepare for this.

On a frivolous and superficial note, Tripp posted a picture —once upon a time; I cannot find it now— of a preacher’s desk as he prepared: all it had was a notebook, a pair of glasses, and a Bible.

I remember seeing it and thinking: “I’d like to do that when I preach, to preach from a bound notebook.”

And now I think that might seem a mite pretentious, but if it doesn’t, should it be a softcover or hardcover Moleskine?


3 Responses to “Preaching for the First Time”

  1. kaiela Says:

    a hard cover Moleskine. definitely.

  2. Rich Murray Says:

    Be prepared for a revelation. I’ve done this
    at my home church and it will feel so right.
    Best wishes,

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