A Dying Bagpiper

25 March 2008

For a moment, we shall take this ‘blog’s normally more erudite and sophisticated tone and subject down to the level of rant.  Let us begin.
Why is it that almost everyone who chooses to exercise on the treadmills at my gym chooses the one that makes the loud-moaning-at-slow-speeds-but-more-erratic-but-slightly-quieter-whining noises.

Once on, the patron in question never stops using the infernal machine.  The exerciser could easily switch treadmills, or, if all treadmills are occupied, exercise in some other way.

Instead, the sado-masochists in question choose to use this operative but still malfunctioning treadmill, all the while forcing the rest of the people within earshot of hearing what sounds like a mortally wounded bagpiper trying to continue playing on the fields of Sterling with his dying breaths?

That is all.


2 Responses to “A Dying Bagpiper”

  1. Beth W Says:

    Bah. I’d take that over the dude who carries a small boombox with him to the gym and takes over the weight room while he listens to Huey Lewis and the News (or others of that ilk) and bench presses too much weight so he can call out, “UGH! UGH! UGH!” every time he sets down the pole, or whatever that thing is called.

    True story.

    But I hear ya on the treadmill thing, too.
    XO. B

  2. Tripp Says:

    What’s wrong with Huey?

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