Ah, Holy Week

17 March 2008

Today is Holy Monday.  Usually Holy Week falls during my Spring (read: Pesach) Break; this year I teach on through the fasting, praying, and what-not.

Initially it looked as if little church-going was going to happen this week, but it seems as if I might be able to squeeze in a little church every day but today.

A childcare problem coupled with a coincidental party seemed to sink the Easter Vigil for a while, but it looks like a good chance that I’ll be able to make it.

As the rector of All Saints’ says: Holy Week is a good week to rearrange your schedule.  I usually don’t need to, but this year I do!

Check out All Saints’ Holy Week calendar.  For such a progressive and unorthodox church liturgically, they have lots of Holy Week church.  I like it even though I might do some of the things a little more high church/Catholic.

Behold, the Bridegroom is coming in the middle of the night. * Blessed is the servant He shall find awake. * But the one He shall find neglectful will not be worthy of Him. * Beware, therefore, O my soul! Do not fall into a deep slumber,* lest you be delivered to death and the door of the Kingdom be closed to you. * Watch instead, and cry out: * Holy, Holy, Holy are You, O God. * Through the intercession of the Mother of God, have mercy on us.

-Troparion of Holy Monday


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