New Years’ Resolution Sub-Goal Reached

12 February 2008

So, as anyone who has taken up an exercise regiment knows, once you get into the exercise groove, you tend to set goals for yourself as you train.

My exercise regimen has consisted entirely of rowing 8000 m alternating 1:30 of light rowing and 3:00 heavy rowing.  I found I could row 8000 m in about 40 minutes.  Once I could do this easily, I decided to row heavily for 3:30.

My goal then was to row 8000 m (approx 5 miles) in 37:30 minutes, with an average split of 2:30/500 m.   I wanted to see if I could  shave about 10 seconds off the average 500 m split.  About 2:20/500 m comes out to around 37:30 for 8000 m.

I decided I would add 500 m to my training if I could make it to 37:30 for 8000 m.  So, on Thursday, I’m going to row 8,500 m.  My goal is to do this in 40:00, which will be close.

I don’t think I’m going to try to go faster or further, but I am going to see if I can reduce the amount of light rowing and increase the time I row heavily.


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