Thursday (Two Days Late) Mini-Reading: First Fruits

2 February 2008


3 Responses to “Thursday (Two Days Late) Mini-Reading: First Fruits”

  1. Beth W Says:

    Aw. It’s great to see you read these. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    But, Baby!, next time…give me a heads up and I’ll put away the laundry first. Love, B

  2. I very much enjoyed hearing your poetry. It is a little odd though to think that in all the time I have known you that it is on your blog that I first hear your poems.

  3. I don’t read often, but I agree it is odd. I think I’ve only read publicly twice since I’ve known you, so I figure it’s for lack of opportunity.

    In many ways, I’m very much a page poet, if we want to use the relatively recent distinction of page vs. stage poetry. For me, while the poetry is about sounds and musicality, it’s meant for reading; performance is fun but secondary.

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