‘Blog Reflection

28 January 2008

I’ve been thinking about this ‘blog lately.  Clearly it is not what I need it to be.  If you care to look at some of my earliest posts, you’ll see that my original intent for this ‘blog would be that it should serve as a way to write regularly.  The last two years have been dry-ish periods for my writing.  Other than the ‘blog, very little writing happened.  I’ve been writing enough lately that I think that this dry period (which was preceded by a nearly uninterrupted period of 8 years when I wrote about 2 poems a week on average) is over.

So what of this ‘blog?   I’m thinking this ‘blog is going to change a bit, both visually and in terms of the kinds of material I present on it.

I appear in today’s Monday Video’Blog (thanks Tripp); when I first had a website (now gone), I considered having a weekly reading online of a poem or a few poems.  I’m thinking about doing that again and ‘blogging more actively about literary topics.

Honestly, I’m not sure if my lack of ‘blogging has to do with other things (it might), or if it’s just that I need something different from the ‘blog.

Stay tuned.


4 Responses to “‘Blog Reflection”

  1. Scott Says:

    I’d hate to see you stop blogging (not that you’ve decided to do that, but sounds like that’s one option), but I realize this needs to work for you. I’ll put in a word of especial appreciation for your posts on daily prayer, Benedictina, and spiritual direction. These have been most helpful to me! Thanks for them and all the rest…

  2. I have now revamped my blog and my approach to it at least twice officially since beginning to blog in the fall of 2004. I too find that frequency of posting to the blog can indicate my approach to the blog no longer fits, that doesn’t always mean that I completely and openly revamp the blog, it may just mean rethinking what sort of posts I write.
    I like your stated ideas of what to do on this blog, realizing that although I have known you are a poet I pretty much am unfamiliar with your poetry.
    Though like Scott I have very much enjoyed your posts on daily prayer, Benedictina and spiritual direction.

  3. Oh and you and Tripp were hilarious, I loved it.

  4. Thanks, gents.

    Canning this ‘blog would be the easiest thing to do, but probably not very interesting for anyone.

    I think that I’m going to incorporate more info about poems I’m working on, ideas I have for poems, interesting things about poetry, etc. I’m looking to re-do the look of the ‘blog too.

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