Friday Five: Rejoice!

14 December 2007

Not much posting this week; I’m heading into finals, so not a lot of time for this sort of thing.

It might be a semi-hiatus until the first of the year.  No promises, but it might be quiet for a while.

Bishop Laura posted this over at the Gals.

What makes you rejoice about:

1. Waiting?

Imagining the waiting being over.  I heard a sermon this week about delayed gratification.  Yeah, it’s big for me.
2. Darkness?

I love the fact that by the time we get to Christmas, days will only be getting longer.
3. Winter?

The cold, the snow, the bundling up and staying inside.  Glogg.
4. Advent?

Cool “O” Antiphons.  For a liturgy geek who grew up Catholic, I just now noticed that my favorite Advent hymn —”O come, O come Emmanuel”— is all those antiphons in a different order.

5. Jesus’ coming?
All the promises being fulfilled.  The reign of peace and justice in the world.  And an eight-day party, if all else fails.


3 Responses to “Friday Five: Rejoice!”

  1. Mrs. M Says:

    Ditto the antiphons, and THANK YOU for the reminder that after Christmas we get progressively more daylight. Whew!

  2. Mother Laura Says:

    You’re the first person to mention glogg! And the O antiphons, on a more prayerful note :-).

  3. Songbird Says:

    Ah, with you on the lengthening of days! It comes as such a relief and a reminder of all that is new.

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