Friday Frivolity: Preparation, preparation

7 December 2007

1. You have a busy week, pushing out all time for preparing worship/ Sunday School lessons/ being ready for an important meeting ( or whatever equivalent your profession demands)- how do you cope?
Sitting with a nice cup of coffee at Metropolis. Maybe going to a weekday Eucharist. Time was when I would go to the gym, but alas, such memberships and time are no long available.

2. You have unexpected visitors, and need to provide them with a meal- what do you do?
Maybe some pasta or ready-made Indian food. Again, there was a time when I would whip something up fancy style, but time and money being what it is, no dice.

Three discussion topics:
3. Thinking along the lines of this weeks advent theme; repentance is an important but often neglected aspect of advent preparations…..

I think a neglected aspect of advent preparations is any sense of restraint before Christmas. Fasting. Recollection. You might not feel the need to go out and work out maddly at the gym or take on more work at the office or do something else to make up for the mania of December.

4. Some of the best experiences in life occur when you simply go with the flow…..
Yes. We do not let go when we should, and we do not hold back or hold on when we ought. This might be the root of American problems.

5. Details are everything, attention to the small things enables a plan to roll forward smoothly…
While I still believe in Number 4’s answer, having an organizer’s eye for the small touches and details can really make things easy and smooth for everyone. Now, if anyone can get me one of those eyes, I’d appreciate it.

Bonus if you dare- how well prepared are you for Christmas this year?

Not that well prepared, honestly. I haven’t bought any presents yet, but I think I’ll do some of that next week. I hope.


7 Responses to “Friday Frivolity: Preparation, preparation”

  1. Diane Says:

    Speaking of repentance, and speaking for myself, I think we are over-scheduled, and lose sight of what is important in life.

  2. Mother Laura Says:

    Good play! I was also really moved by your earlier post on Advent practices and it helped me inspire me to take some up myself: daily Eucharist and daily gratitude posts on my blog. Thank you!

  3. Althea Agape Says:

    If you find those eyes, can I have one too?

  4. Mary Beth Says:

    Coffee! Good stuff.

  5. quakerpastor Says:

    Great play–drink some coffee for me–I’ll be buying presents next week too!

  6. I like #3 too. And, could use the organizer’s eye. I will look at your Advent blog.

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