Looking Forward to Spiritual Direction

29 November 2007

Tomorrow I have my first meeting with my Spiritual Director in about eight weeks.  I had a meeting initially scheduled for the 16th, but my parents came into town that day, and I had to cancel it.  As usual, I don’t have a coherent, prepared idea to discuss with my SD, just a bunch of feelings and things flying around my head and heart:

  • I am feeling a bit impatient, I’ll admit, over my vocational journey lately.  While I’ve felt I’ve exercised a good bit of patience, I hope to be able to convince the Powers that Be to allow me to attend next Fall’s Discernment Weekend.  I’m not sure how realistic that is, but I can hope.
  • While I am enjoying my Office, I miss the proper antiphons, etc., of the BDP, making it easy to celebrate and commemorate the feasts of various saints.
  • My desire to become a Benedictine oblate continues unfulfilled, as it’s very difficult to find time to get to know the nuns of St. Scholastica’s well enough to justify oblation.  I’ve also had other opportunities to get to know other monastic and quasi-monastic communities —some Benedictine, others not— and develop closer relationships with them.
  • Lately, I’ve found myself really desiring the Eucharist more.  Since we started attending MyChurch and I began to receive the Eucharist on Sundays, I’ve usually desired to receive the Eucharist more often than that.  This Fall, it’s been a particular challenge, for some reason, to make it to weekday Eucharists.  Every Friday there seems to be something, and Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be pretty busy.
  • During our last meeting, the SD and I concluded that it was time to say goodbye to MyChurch a little more, mainly by letting go of being a worship assistant.  My SD also suggested I try to get MyChurch to become more sensitive to the changing needs of those to whom we take the Eucharist.  I’ll be happy to tell my SD that MyChurch now has authorized its Banquet Bearers to lay on hands and anoint, which is a wonderful ministry.

Well, that’s all for today.

One Response to “Looking Forward to Spiritual Direction”

  1. Tripp Says:

    I love these posts. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us. Honestly, sir. It’s kickass stuff.

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