Meeting with Pastor of MyChurch

14 November 2007

This morning I met with the pastor of MyChurch, and it was an overall very successful meeting.  At my suggestion, MyChurch’s Banquet Bearers (i.e., Eucharistic visitors) had a meeting earlier this week to discuss the diversity of our hosts, the homebound.

Some receive communion every time, but others, either because of physical or mental infirmity, do not.  Indeed, there is one person I have visited that I’ve never given Communion to.  I spoke with my Spiritual Director about this, and he suggested that I bring this up.  I did, and now the banquet bearers have some additional guidelines for our visits.

Banquet bearers now are commissioned to lay on hands and anoint with oil, something some of our hosts could really benefit from.  The pastor even discussed an experience he had some years ago when an intubated woman rebounded and eventually left the hospital after an anointing he performed.  She died 8 years later, but nonetheless the anecdote testifies to the power and significance of the practice.

I also shared with the pastor that I’ve discerned with my SD that maybe I was being called away from being a worship assistant.  I made it clear that I still felt called to Banquet Bearing, but that the worship assistant’s role was perhaps limiting my integration into the life of my new parish, All Saints.

He received this very well and recognized the wisdom of it.  He asked some questions about my overall vocational/discernment journey, and I think we both found it a good, grace-filled meeting.


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