Most Caffeinated Cities in America

13 November 2007

via Derek

Scroll down past some annoying ads and you’ll see some interesting ratings of cities as regards to caffeine and caffeine addiction.  Glad to see Chicago is representing, as is Miami, albeit as America’s tea capital.

I cannot speak to the accuracy, methodology, nor ultimate meaning, but I hope this is true, as I am a caffeine addict myself.

All this as I’m slated to speak to an Episcopal priest regarding my vocational journey.  To quote Garrison Keillor

Episcopalians drink coffee as if it were the Third Sacrament.


3 Responses to “Most Caffeinated Cities in America”

  1. Not surprisingly, Boston ranked #2 on the list of most coffee consumption, behind only Starbucks capitol Seattle. I say not surprisingly, since my own rather prodigious coffee consumption probably pushed Boston up a notch or two. 🙂


  2. Smith—

    Thanks for the comment. I hope I’ve done my share for Chicago’s standings. I know my wife has.

  3. Amen, Brother.

    XO, B

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