A Story about the Bishop-elect

12 November 2007

I was told a story by someone involved in it about Bishop-elect Jeffrey Lee.

A clergy person at the Diocesan Convention lost their husband during convention.  Two other priests (one of whom related this to me in a public forum) broke the news to her and were with her, in one way or another, until 1:00 in the morning.

Sometime after the news had gotten to her and had spread at the convention, she received a voicemail from someone she didn’t know.  She didn’t recognize the name or even why this person might be calling, except that he expressed his sympathies and invited her to call him back.

The bereaved clergy person returned the call.  It turns out it was Jeffrey Lee, the bishop-elect, who had called to see if all was well and if he could do anything for her.  She didn’t realize until later that he was the bishop-elect; in a time of such grief, she didn’t clue in about who he was.

As the person who related the story told me: In moments like this, it becomes clear what truly matters, what is truly important; Jeffrey Lee is a good man, and all will be well.


One Response to “A Story about the Bishop-elect”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m very pleased at Fr. Lee’s election as our next bishop, and I’m even more pleased that the convention’s choice was decisive, not by a few votes. I think he’ll be a great bishop of Chicago.

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