A Bishop for Chicago

10 November 2007

The Reverend Jeffrey Lee, of St. Thomas Church, Medina, Washington, will be the 12th Bishop of Chicago.  Check here for updates.


3 Responses to “A Bishop for Chicago”

  1. That played out like I was told it would: the liberals nominated a lesbian to annoy the conservatives, then backed off and elected a straight man with great liberal credentials. A game of chicken with the Anglican Communion.

  2. While I agree that it could be characterized as a “game of chicken,” since the nominating and standing committees allowed a partnered lesbian on the ballot, and thereby the possible election of a partnered lesbian, I don’t think that it was done to “annoy the conservatives.”

    Regardless of what conservatives think, I think the committees approved her nomination because it was (in their eyes and mine) the right thing to do.

    Also, since when does going to Nashotah House qualify as a “great liberal credential.” I know, I know, there’s more to it, especially in his actual ministry, but for my money he’s more middle of the road or center-left, than truly progressive.

  3. Dean Lind obviously is competent (agreement is nothing to do with it) and I’m sure she was nominated because of that but I still think these politics were a factor. Flipping the bird to American conservatives and the Global South: ‘you’re not the boss of me’.

    Fr Lee may well be centre-left (credally Christian) like the Archbishop of Canterbury, Affirming Catholic, which fits his background.

    It won’t surprise you to find out I used to know an old-school Son of the House who when he was there, in the 1950s, was nicknamed ‘Firstname Cardinal Lastname’.

    I wasn’t using ‘credentials’ literally, however, but going on Fr Lee’s public statements supporting the liberal position on the Controversial Issue™ of the moment.

    So… in the short term it was a fake-out of the Anglican Communion but in the long one makes no difference really.

    Though both sides are largely Christian, like other, older, Catholic/Protestant differences the issue’s a communion-breaker like we’ve talked about before.

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