Saturday Quiz: Eucharistic Theology

27 October 2007

Eucharistic theology
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You scored as OrthodoxYou are Orthodox, worshiping the mystery of the Holy Trinity in the great liturgy whereby Jesus is present through the Spirit in a real yet mysterious way, a meal that is also a sacrifice.


As usual with QuizFarm quizzes, I had to answer a tiebreaker; I was either Catholic or Orthodox, but I was asked which was more important: “The hosts are properly reserved in a Tabernacle and adored,” or “The Holy Spirit brings about Christ’s presence; how it happens is a mystery.” I chose the latter, and so I guess I have an Orthodox view of the Eucharist.

Some of the possibilties baffled me, though:

I”m not sure how you can claim a “Real Presence” and not stipulate the physical reality of some kind of change, that is, even if you think the presence is primarily “spiritual,” you’d have to treat the elements differently, recognizing some physical aspect to the Presence.

Yeah . . . but . . . a little vague, is my objection here. This could mean a lot of things. Believers in the Real Presence or transubstantiation could, conditionally, agree to this, no?

The humanity and divinity of Jesus cannot be separated; his body is ubiquitous, therefore.

I assume this is a Zwinglian or Calvinist position. I’m not sure what it would mean for Jesus’ body to be ubiquitous.

Jesus called it his body, and I’d believe him even if he was pointing to dung.

And, honestly, I’m baffled by this one; what would it mean to assent to this one? That you were just amazingly dumb and gullible, or that Jesus could be crazy?


3 Responses to “Saturday Quiz: Eucharistic Theology”

  1. Tripp Says:

    I took it too. Thanks for the time drain.

    Ubiquitous: I understand this as a “everything is sacramental” position. Again, vague, but that’s where I went.

    I agree with you that the last question is, well, crap.

  2. Going back a bit this month in my blog you can see I took this and pleasantly and unsurprisingly got 100 per cent for both RC and Orthodox. Like you and others I didn’t see many of the questions as either/or, certainly the obviously Roman (about the host and the tabernacle for example) and Orthodox (about the Holy Spirit) ones. (If he’s physically present then of course he’s also spiritually present, that sort of thing.) The go at a tie-breaker for me was one of those and I gave the RC answer (that it’s acceptable to reserve the Blessed Sacrament and have devotions to it) so I got the result of ‘Catholic’.

    (As an Anglican priest explained to me 20 years ago when I was shaken up about the Articles of Religion neither by Christ’s ordinance is there Morning Prayer in surplice, hood and scarf but of course those are not bad things because of that.)

    As friend Charley (Tune: Kings Lynn in my blogroll) pointed out and I noticed on my own, even though the first question quoted one of the Articles there was no Anglican option in the scoring so classic Anglicans – believing in an undefined Real Presence and following the Articles – show up as Orthodox. Interesting that they don’t score as Lutheran, which seems to favour Anglican Catholicism in spite of those Articles.

    Good point on that last question! I knew what the quizzer wanted to hear so I answered it in the spirit of St Ignatius of Loyola, declaring black objects white or vice versa if that’s what the church says, even though that’s not how I understand the church works (the church follows reason, that is, conforming yourself to objective reality). It worked – I got a score I was happy with.

    I’m logged onto WordPress now so my avatar (actually a self-portrait by cartoonist Brad Guigar but it fits me) shows up at these places. Hope my comment goes through this time. The linked WordPress page has a link to my real blog.

  3. Bill Says:

    The last two statements are positions held by Martin Luther.

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