. . . And, We’re Back: Spiritual Direction and Blending Offices, Pt. 5

8 October 2007

No, not the new show.  Today is the first day back teaching, and I’m hitting the ground running, teaching six classes and at school for 11 hours.  I’ve spent about a half hour just now readying for the morning’s class and the afternoon classes; later on, after lunch, I’ll prepare for the night classes.  I’m taking a break right now so that my brain doesn’t entirely melt before dinner.

Friday I had a Spiritual Direction meeting.  It went swimmingly as usual.  The organically emerging theme of the meeting was “knitting”: my time at St. Gregory’s, Blending Offices (which he called a kind of “knitting”),  and my sense of vocation (religious and otherwise) as simply adding together and fulfilling what has already been ordained and asked of me, a kind of knitting of the various threads of life, love, and work into one fabric.

As I always say, SD is a wise, wise man.  He thinks that I am called to leave MyChurch more fully.  As with so many good counselors,  he didn’t dictate the exact parameters of my leaving, but based on the general developments of my spiritual and personal life, he suggested that I may be being called away from MyChurch.  As we spoke and as I’ve thought about it afterward, I’m tempted to say that I’m definitely called to leave worship assistantship behind.  Not so sure about Eucharistic visitations, since it seems the church has a great need for it and not many able or willing people.

An update on the Office Blending project: I’ve realized that I’m ready enough to go ahead and start praying it for all my hours.  I think I’ll continue, at least when praying the Hours privately, to pray Sunday as outlined in the BDP, if only because it means that the Sunday Vigils’ reading is always the Sunday Gospel.

I’d like very much to print up a booklet that outlines the office so that I can have something to refer to, and not just pencil jottings and brackets in my BCP.  It seems I might have to do a little tweaking of PagePacker to make the thing work, but that’s okay.  It would be a nice reference to have.

And now it’s back to prepping and teaching.

2 Responses to “. . . And, We’re Back: Spiritual Direction and Blending Offices, Pt. 5”

  1. Bosco Peters Says:

    Please visit my website and consider placing a link.
    There is much in common with your threads here – including the spirituality with a focus on Daily Prayer/the Liturgy of the Hours

    In Christ


  2. Mother Laura Says:

    So glad your blended office project is going well. I didn’t get into regularly praying the liturgy of the hours till I did my own expansive (feminine God-language) version, which I keep adapting from time to time and hope to publish someday.

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