Prayers for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C (Proper 22 [27]; October 7, 2007)

5 October 2007

I always read the lessons from the lectionary before writing my prayers when I serve as Assisting Minister. This week, however, I feel more like preaching on these texts than simply writing prayers inspired by them and their language.

* * * * *
A Renewed in faith and hope by the Word of God, let us pray for the world in love


A Sanctifying Spirit, you lived within Paul and Timothy, strengthening them for service in your Church. Grant that the same Spirit might dwell in us, our bishops, pastors, deacons, and other ministers, and in all the people of the world, both Christian and non-Christian, that we may do your will. Hear us, O God,

C Your mercy is great.

A Merciful Creator, destruction and violence are before us; strife and contention arise. Grant that our civil leaders seek justice and govern with mercy, renewing the lives of our global, regional, national, and local communities. We also pray for all areas affected by wars, calamities of our making, and natural disasters, and for all people beset by upheaval, uncertainty, and fear. Hear us, O God,

C Your mercy is great.

A Source of Truth, your Son taught us the meaning of obedience and service by example. May we serve You and others without seeking reward or praise, but only for your glory and in your service. . Hear us, O God,

C Your mercy is great.

A Fount of Every Blessing, our Savior abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. We pray for those suffering in our midst, whether in mind, body, or spirit, especially . Hear us, O God,

C Your mercy is great.

A Loving Father, you call us to your banquet where we will partake of heavenly food. We remember those who have gone to their rest in the hope of rising again and thank you for their time amongst us. We pray also for to whom banquet bearers will take the Eucharist this week, uniting us and them with all your saints, including Henry Muhlenberg and Massie Kennard. Hear us, O God,

C Your mercy is great.

The Presider concludes with a suitable collect.


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