Blending Offices, Pt. 4

5 October 2007

Suffice it to say, the Blended Office development will have to wait for a little while. I return to teaching on Monday, which means that time I can dedicate to this project will probably be limited to an hour or two a week.

I did not envision myself taking up the Blended Office until, say, Advent or maybe the Presentation of Mary at the earliest.

Aside from the time consuming transcription of Psalm numbers and antiphons, I am going to need a small booklet, and now I can’t find a printer. The only convenient online printer I know of ( has 6 x 9 as their smallest size. I was thinking of something smaller (in the 4 x 6 or 4 x 7 range). I don’t want to have a Bible, a BCP, and a sheaf of 8.5 x 11 sheets; I ‘d rather have the BCP, the Bible, and a small booklet to refer to for Psalmody, canticles, and feasts.

I looked for another publisher, but I didn’t find one. Oh well; I’ll keep working on it and giving updates.


One Response to “Blending Offices, Pt. 4”

  1. Sounds like a fine project as you’re not required right now to use any one form of the office.

    One of my books came to me 12 years ago in the form of a little six-ringed binder, which is great because with a computer and ink-jet printer I’ve easily customised it, for example switching to Coverdale’s translations of the psalms and adding readings from the Authorised Version (King James) in the same spirit as Isabel Hapgood’s (an Episcopalian) classic century-old translation of the Russian Orthodox services, Canon Winfred Douglas’s Monastic Diurnal and the Anglican Breviary. (I have the last one now.)

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