25 July 2007

I’m disappointed by my lack of ‘blogging lately.

It’s not surprising; without a computer, with the end of a summer term, with the beginning of a week-long vacation, and a couple of unplanned trips to the doctor, who can ‘blog?

Things are good, if a bit tiring, and I’m glad that the doctor turned out fine.  I credit the good outcome of my doctor’s visits to the intercessions of my friends, but I also prayed for the intercession of Solanus Casey, who I first learned about when I visited the Monastery of the Holy Cross.  I’m not sure if I had anything serious, but I credit my wellness to prayer, especially the prayer of Solanus Casey.  I’d like to make a pilgrimage to Detroit soon, not only to his grave but also to the Capuchin community he lived in, which now runs an organic farm in he ruins of Detroit.

Thanks to the Fogey for the Missal.  Amongst the Tridentine talk of the last few weeks, one thing I haven’t found in either my 1962 Missal or the 1965 Missal are prayers for censcing, which I read lately were theologically very informative.  Can anybody let me know more about these prayers and where information about the actual doing of the Rite can be had?


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