Milestones on the Via Transformativa: Missing Morning Prayers and Patience

14 June 2007

Used to be that I would get bummed about missing Vigils and Lauds.  Not so much anymore.

I’ve posted recently about being on the via transformativa, the part in the mystical/faith journey that is an open-ended and integrated life of being in the world.  I’m not a monastic and am not called to be.  I have a devotion to Benedict and Benedictinism, but I’m not called to be a monk.  Indeed, I had no attraction to monasticism until I had entered a committed relationship and had a child; as if God wanted to draw me to this well-spring of spiritual teaching without the possibility of my misunderstanding the call as not one of vocation but one of deepening.

I’d like to pray Vigils and Lauds everyday, and I do on Sundays, but some weekdays it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.  And that feels just fine to me.

Today I feel very free and unhurried about the whole discernment/vocation process.  I still want to be received into the Episcopal Church as soon as I can because I feel certain of it as the right thing to do and because I won’t sound so silly (to myself, at least) talking about a vocation within the Episcopal church if I’m, you know, actually in it.

Additionally, these are beautiful days weather-wise, and I’m learning more about gardening, which seems to be my summer task.

AND it’s the last day of school.  What could be better?


One Response to “Milestones on the Via Transformativa: Missing Morning Prayers and Patience”

  1. Surely you were expecting this sooner or latter, but you have been tagged. Ah meme’s… 😉

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