On the Feastday of Altars

11 June 2007

Me monk. Me meander.: The Feastday of an Altar

An interesting post on a Catholic custom.  Few Episcopal churches have more than one altar, but, as Fr. Stephanos points out, it applies as well to the dedication of a church.

One thing I found confusing:

The feast of the dedication of a church is always a feast of the Lord, like, for instance, his Transfiguration (August 6).

Does this mean that churches are only dedicated on feasts of the Lord, or simply that it’s status is that of feasts of the Lord?  In other words, if a church is dedicated to St. Paul and is dedicated on his feast (say, January 25), would the liturgies celebrated for the feast of the dedication use white vestments, as a feast of the Lord, instead of red vestments, proper to Paul’s status as apostle and martyr?

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