Spiritual Direction: The Denominational Bummer Edition

1 June 2007

Responding to the news of the Denominational Bummer, my Spiritual Director replied

Well, now you know the Church is a bureaucracy.

Something I always knew, but bureaucracy is not something you truly experience unless you run up against it.  If it works to your advantage or runs parallel to you, then it’s just things running well and as they ought.  But the church is a bureaucracy.  A mostly holy bureaucracy, but a bureaucracy nonetheless.

He offered some good advice about this experience and how it might enrich and improve the whole vocational/discernment experience.  He also felt that the delay in reception was not inherent in the Episcopal Church’s procedures and my not being clear about what I would like to have done.  Reception may be closer than I thought.  After all, bishops are always going hither and yon receiving people . . . .

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