Denominational Update: A Bummer

31 May 2007

As I expected, I will not be received into the Episcopal Church until next year sometime. And not even then unless I can rearrange my teaching schedule to be free Monday nights.

Perhaps it’s because I can’t sleep and I’m up and I’m tired, but this really bums me out. I was hoping that —after being unable to go to the Monday night inquirers’ classes this past Lent due to aforementioned class schedule— I’d get a “yeah, sure, we can bypass that stuff and just toss you in at the next diocesan reception, no problem” response.

Clearly it will neither be that simple nor that soon. I am glad that I will be able to talk to my Spiritual Director on Friday.

Honestly, I am surprised by how bummed I feel because of this. This means that beginning the process of formal discernment within the Episcopal Church is still about two years off, maybe longer. While I do have time and I want to be patient and obedient, it’s hard. Something within me thought that it would be possible to get received this year, begin the process next summer, and be applying to seminaries in the winter.

Clearly it will neither be that simple nor that soon. I drove by the grave of Blessed James DeKoven and offered a little prayer for my vocation. I asked James DeKoven, quite spontaneously, for his prayers on my behalf for my discernment.

It’s funny that I —such an advocate of requesting saints for their prayers— have not availed myself of that in this case. In fact, outside of the Rosary and a prayer to St. Benedict I pray every night before retiring, I rarely ask the saints for their prayers.

Well, I’m going to ask now. Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Thomas the Apostle, Saint George, Saint Benedict, Blessed James DeKoven, Saint John Maximovich, Blessed Seraphim of Platina, Blessed Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and all the saints: pray for me and this vocation.


6 Responses to “Denominational Update: A Bummer”

  1. Fr Chris Says:

    “And not even then unless I can rearrange my teaching schedule to be free Monday nights.”

    That’s just silly. Priests and church staff who think inquirers need to fit their own schedules rather than finding a way to meet the needs of their people need to readjust their priorities!

    That said, I will keep you in my prayers, definitely. Blessed Visitation of the BVM to you!

  2. Fr. Chris,

    Thanks for your prayers. Luckily, we’ve worked something out: an independent study with one of the seminarians this fall, with a reception (presumably) Eastertide ’08, but who knows, maybe earlier.


  3. lutherpunk Says:

    Prayers ascending! Liminal times like this are frustrating without a doubt.

    If I had someone beating down my door to become a member of my church, I would work it out.

    Saints Philip and James, pray for us! (sorry, ordained on their feast day, so they are my go-to guys for vocations!)

  4. You’ve probably thought of this already but, considering how you rushed into things at your old Lutheran church and later regretted it, it seems wise of your new church to make you wait a bit both to be received and, based on that, to start the process for training.

    While I do have time and I want to be patient and obedient, it’s hard.

    Maybe that’s the point. For what ultimately are both lifetime commitments it should be.

  5. Tripp Says:

    I cannot believe I am going to say this….I agree entirely with the YF.

    Wait for the Lord. Ya cannot rush this.

  6. Thanks for the advice, gents. To be honest, I don’t think I rushed into the Lutheran church . . . I was rushed. And yes, it is wise to wait.

    And to be fair, the church isn’t making me wait. Had I Monday nights during this past Lent free, I’d be an official, received, full member of the Episcopal Church as I write.

    Completed inquirers’ class=ready for reception; had I made more noise and stayed more on top of my rector, I would’ve been received a few weeks ago.

    And yet, I agree with you, too. You cannot rush this. Yet who says that I’m doing the rushing. Who says this is my idea? I’m not hearing voices, or nothing; just saying . . .

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