Reckoning Ordinary Time

29 May 2007

Here it is.  We’ve reentered Ordinary Time.  I’ve heard this called “The Time of the Church” and so it is: this is the time we live in.  Yes, we are an Easter People —and an Advent, a Christmas, and a Lenten people, too— but we live in a post-Pentecost world.

It is nice to pick up the breviary and for everything to be ordinary again.  During Easter, lots of Alleluias, many changs to the Office. Now, everything is ordinary, literally and figuratively.  And this is a beautiful thing.

Ordinary Time is sometimes reckoned in weeks after Epiphany and then again in weeks after Pentecost.  My breviary simply has about 34 weeks in Ordinary Time; the presumption is that you’d start Week 1 after Epiphany, stop at Lent, and then resume the march through the weeks of Ordinary Time after Pentecost.   But I failed to note how many weeks we got through before Lent.  I looked at a calendar and figured I should start the Monday of Ordinary Time 7, but I could be wrong.  Anybody care to confirm or disconfirm this number?


One Response to “Reckoning Ordinary Time”

  1. Scott Says:

    I assume you’re using Benedictine Daily Prayer or the Liturgy of the Hours. In both of these, we’re in the 8th Week in Ordinary Time.

    I often use Universalis to look up which week we’re in:

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